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If you are considering adoption in the state of Utah, particularly a private or interstate adoption, one of the most important first steps is consulting with an experienced Utah adoption law attorney.  There is a specific process that must be followed in order to formalize and legalize any adoption. We have extensive experience and are passionate about helping couples and birth parents navigate the complex adoption process.  Our adoption attorneys will guide you through every step, helping you understand your rights and responsibilities.

Although adoption is an incredibly rewarding experience, it can also be confusing, frustrating, and emotional.  Our focus is to minimize your stress.  We make sure all legal issues are covered to keep the adoption moving along as smoothly as possible so you can direct your attention to preparing your “forever home.”

Utah, like all states, requires adopting parents to adhere to respective state rules and guidelines.  Through the Utah Adoption Act,  adoptions are closely regulated to include who can adopt, who can be adopted, and the legal requirements involving both situations and more.  These rules and laws are in place to ensure the best interests of the child remain the primary focus.  Whether you are in a traditional marriage, same-sex marriage, a step-parent, or a single parent who wants to adopt, we can help with the often-complicated adoption process.  We provide services in a wide range of situations including:

Except for foster care adoptions, most adoptions in the state of Utah go through district court.  Consents must be obtained from the applicable birth parents, home studies and background checks need to be completed, and other issues addressed between the parties.  All necessary documents must be filed with the Court after filing a Petition for Adoption.  Usually, six months after a family takes custody of the child, a finalization hearing is scheduled with the judge.  During that hearing, the new parents and judge will sign documents and a Decree of Adoption will be issued. Finally, your lawyer will then help you begin the process for obtaining a new birth certificate and social security card for your child.

For additional information, the Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys (AAAA) is an organization we are actively involved and for which our lead adoption partner is an honorable member.  Below are additional resource links on items and topics you may want or need to explore in your specific situation.  We also invite you to contact Derek J. Williams directly with any questions:

Click the link to listen to Derek being interviewed by Dr. Joni Johnston on the podcast America Out Loud.  Derek explains how to recognize and prevent adoption scams.

Adoption Scam
00:00 / 38:48

Listen to Derek on KSL’s Dave & Dujanovic talking about the AZ/UT lawyer who was arrested and indicted in an international adoption scheme. Derek joins them at 28:25 in this audio.

Adoption Fraud Scheme
00:00 / 29:17

Listen to Derek on KSL’s Dave & Dujanovic, day 2, discussing the AZ/UT lawyer arrested and indicted in an international adoption scheme. Derek joins them at 19:44 in this audio






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